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AK-CESCL Training Program

Training Sponsor

To Entities Interested in Sponsoring an AK-CESCL Training Course:

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension (UAF-CES) has entered into an Educational Services Agreement with the Alaska Storm Water Steering Committee (ASWSC) to administer the AK-CESCL training program. We welcome new training sponsors for AK-CESCL courses. This letter describes the procedures that you will need to follow when you give an AK-CESCL course.

The AK-CESCL web site is: http://www.ak-cescl.com/. It provides course materials, lists of classes, instructors, steering committee members and certified individuals and more. It also has a password-protected page for instructor’s use, where the curriculum, tests, evaluation forms and other forms are posted.

Please follow the steps below if you’re planning to sponsor an AK-CESCL course:

  1. Under the ASWSC ESA, a more specific Work Order (WO) will be developed for sponsors to provide actual courses on an annual basis or course-by-course. UAF-CES will provide you with a WO for signature, which must be completed prior to offering any courses.
  2. Inform UAF-CES of the course dates so they can be entered into the centralized AK-CESCL web site training calendar. Send by email the following information as soon as you know the date of a class being delivered (you can check the current calendar for examples of how the classes are posted):
    • a. Class delivery dates
    • b. Class location
    • c. Sponsor web site
    • d. Instructor
    • e. Enrollment #
  3. Conduct registration (provide a link on the AK-CESCL web site), advertising, hire an approved instructor, reserve training space, and produce trainee workbooks. The instructor must be approved by the Steering Committee. Currently, approved instructors are listed on the web site at http://www.ak-cescl.com/ then click AK-CECSL Instructors . The instructor is required to use Steering Committee approved curriculum, test and evaluation forms.
  4. The instructor you select can provide you with the AK-CESCL Participant Data Template which is posted on the secure web site. This needs to be completed for each course and submitted to UAF-CES within 5 business days following the course. Based on this information, UAF-CES will upload the certified individuals to the web site. It is important that this information is submitted as correctly as possible. If any changes are requested, the Training Sponsor will be charged $10 per record modification.
  5. Produce certification cards or certificates using the standardized format that is provided on the secure web site (the instructor you select can access this for you). You can change the template to add your organization’s logo, but you cannot remove information that is indicated as needed on the template. You must create a unique certification number for each person passing the course, following this example:
    • a. First three letters represent the Training Sponsor, assigned by UAF-CES.
    • b. Next two represent the year: 16
    • c. The last four digits are up to you: 0001
    • d. Example: XYZ-16-0001
  6. The approved instructors have access to the tests. UAF-CES will determine which test version will be used at each course. Instructors and Training Sponsors are to use extreme care to guard the integrity of the test and test answer key. Trainees must obtain a score of at least 70% in order to pass and receive certification.
    • a. Failed tests: Send an electronic copy of participant failed exams to the UAF-CES for archiving. You must keep originals for 3 years. All other exams must be collected and destroyed or kept secure. If a trainee wants to retake a test, the instructor, training sponsor, or a public school teacher can proctor the test. UAF-CES will direct the instructor which test is to be used. There must be a seven-day waiting period between the class and the retest, but the retest must be no later than 90 days from the class. There may be no more than two retests within the 90 day period after the class. If the trainee fails two retests, they must retake the course. It is up to the sponsor whether to charge a fee for retests.
    • b. AK-CESCL Test Evaluation. This document will be requested by the ASWSC Committee after test questions have been revised and will consist of a tally of the percent of the class that got the answer right. UAF-CES will tell you whether you need to complete this evaluation. When required, complete and submit it within 15 business days of the class delivery.
  7. AK-CESCL Evaluation Summary: After the course, you will need to compile all the evaluations into a single PDF file, being sure to include any notes added by trainees to the back page. Email the scanned PDF file to UAF-CES within 15 days of the course date.
  8. Billing: Once UAF-CES receives the class roster and uploads the certified individuals to the web site, UAF-CES fiscal office will be prompted to submit the training sponsor an invoice. The invoices will be submitted on a monthly basis if there were any classes delivered that month, or at the frequency identified in the Work Order.


If you have any questions, you can visit the AK-CESCL website http://www.ak-cescl.com/ or you can contact:

Ruby Oatman
Chair, Alaska Storm Water Steering Committee (AK-CESCL Training Program)
Anchorage, 907-865-0547

Ruby Oatman