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AK-CESCL Training Program

Welcome to the Alaska Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training Program

 All students attending an AK-CESCL in-person course must follow these safety protocols while attending a class:

  1. Provide your own writing utensil.
  2. Please reach out to the class sponsor to transfer into a virtual class if you feel sick or have COVID-19 symptons.
  3. Provide/obtain your own food and beverages (storage will not be provided).
  4. Use provided hand sanitizer when entering/exiting the building.
  5. Wipe down your table and chairs at the end of the class with provided disinfectant.
  6. Practice social distancing when possible.
  7. Be considerate and try to limit one person in the restroom at any time.
  8. Wear a cloth face covering in compliance with local city face covering ordinances.
  9. Breaks and lunches will be taken outdoors as much as possible.
  10. Follow any additional safety protocols issued by the AK-CESCL instructor.

What is AK-CESCL?

AK-CESCL (Alaska Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead) is a training and certification program to enhance compliance with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Construction General Permit for storm water discharges. It is overseen by the Alaska Storm Water Steering Committee (ASWSC) to provide standardized training statewide. ASWSC is a collaboration of government agencies and contractor associations.

AK-CESCL training is a two-day course that includes the erosion and sedimentation processes, the regulatory requirements, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Best Management Practices, inspection, record-keeping, and cold climate challenges. To become certified, an individual must attend the entire course and pass a written exam. The certification is valid for three years. Individuals who are CPECS, CESSWI, CPSWQ, and/or CISEC certified, will be allowed to automatically bypass the two-day course and take the 8-hour Refresher Course without having to first take the two-day (16-hour) course prior. If the participant fails to achieve a passing score from the 8-hour recertification course, the participant will be required to retake the two-day certification course.

REFRESHER - A one-day, eight-hour Refresher Course to satisfy the Alaska Certified Erosion Sediment Control Lead (AK-CESCL) renewal requirements. To be eligible to take this training, you must have a current AK-CESCL certification numer and taken the two-day (16-hour) class or Refresher class within the last three years.

A grace period of 90 calendar days from the expiration date, in which a certified individual is eligible to renew his or her AK-CESCL certification by taking the refresher course. During the grace period, the individual is considered not AK-CESCL certified for purposes of being a "qualified person" for permit requirements.

This course is a summary of the two-day initial AK-CESCL class, that thoroughly examines erosion and sediment pollution control concepts and design procedures as they apply to construction projects. The Refresher Course is a training and certification program to comply with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Construction General Permit. The Refresher Course will stress risk management, review proper best management practices, and provide guidance.

Upon passing the refresher course, the applicant will be granted an AK-CESCL certificate. Applicants not passing the (8-hour) refresher course will be required to retake the two-day (16-hour) class.

Prerequisites: An attendee must have an active AK-CESCL number and completed the two-day (16-hour) or the one-day (8-hour) refresher course within the past 3 years. The AK-CESCL is now requiring attendees to sign a Student Awareness Form as part of our transition from a 16-hour class to offering an 8-hour class. In order for students to be aware of the improvements made to the CESCL refresher program, we are requiring all students to turn in a signed copy of the awareness form to the trainig sponsor prior to the class. Here is a link to the Student Awareness Form. We will also have the forms at registration.

Additional Recommendation: It is encouraged that attendees review the two-day course materials located on the AK-CESCL website.

Special Note: Storm Water Inspectors and Storm Water Leads working a project that disturbs five or more acres are required by the Construction General Permit to be certified as an Alaska Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead.

Do you want to host a training?

If your group is interested in hosting a training that fits your schedule, location or class size, the following training providers offer full certification services upon request. Interested individuals or groups should contact the authorized training providers directly.

ABC of Alaska, Inc.
Crystal Mappala

Alaska Safety Alliance
Carrie Parashar

Associated General Contractors of Alaska
Ruby Oatman

Creative Courses
Alex Zimmerman

Midnight Sun Environmental
Annie Collie

TPC Consulting, LLC
Tracy J. Coon

Garret Gladsjo

Crouse Environmental Compliance, LLC
Shawn Trasky

Alaska Operating Engineers/Employers Training Trust
Neil Arneson

Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
DOT Training (for government agencies only, check for availability of instructors)

If you plan to give multiple courses, you can become a Training Sponsor yourself. More information is available here.