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AK-CESCL Training Program

Frequently Asked Questions

This document addresses questions often asked by individuals and employers interested in the AK-CESCL Certification Training Program. 

Q 1: Who needs to be certified in AK-CESCL?
Some construction contract specifications require AK-CESCL certification for storm water inspectors and other positions. The current Construction General Permit requires that the person who conducts storm water inspections be qualified. While the permit doesn’t specify certification, the AK-CESCL certification will satisfy the permit requirement of "qualified".

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Q 2: How can I register?

You must register for a course directly with the Training Sponsor. There are about half-dozen sponsors in Alaska. On the training calendar, there will be a link to the training sponsor, where you can either register on-line or download a registration form.

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Q 3: How long is my certification good for?

Three years.

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Q 4: How do I maintain my certification status?

Before your three-year certification expires, you must take the two day AK-CESCL course or an 8 hour refresher and pass the written exam.

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Q 5: How much does it cost to become certified?

The tuition varies. Each training sponsor sets the tuition according to their own costs. There are about half-dozen training sponsors in Alaska. Consult the training calendar or the training sponsor link for the cost of a particular course.

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